• Ryabushko A.P., Zhur T.A.,.Nemanova I.T, Boyarina I.P., Zubko O.L., Yurinok V.I.

The motion of bodies in photogravitational field of a star taking into account special and general relativity theory   5-14

  • Vintaykin B.E., Turmambekov T.A., Saidakhmetov P.A., Abdraimov R.T., Kozbakova G.N.

Magnetomechanical damping character in Mn- Cu alloys   15-19

  • Korchenko A.G., Kazmirchuk S.V., Gnatyuk S.A., Seilova N.A., Mukapil K.

Method of transformation of linguistic variables therms in the tasks of analysis and evaluation of information security risks   20-29

  • Barayev A., ZhumabayevM.Zh., Baimisheva A., Tulep A.S.

Studying of a stress-deformation state of the wireline system and drill string   30-39

  • Sabirova L.B., Esimkhanova А.К., Akimbekova А.М., Rogov E.I.

Solution of the direct task for delivery and mining wells at oil production   40-45

  • Zakarina N.A., Volkova L.D., Aituganova Sh. Zh., Akurpekova A.K., Zhumadyllaev D.A., Yackevich V.A., Shapovalov A.A.

Isomerization of N-hexane on low-percentage of pt-catalysts based on pillared montmorillonite in the iron form by aluminium   46-52

  • Akurpekova A.K., Zakarina N.A., Volkova L.D., Almahanova N.N., Grigorieva V.P., Shapovalov A.A.

Ni-catalysts on Al- and Ti- pillared montmorillonites in N-hexane isomerization   53-60

  • Malyshev V.P., Makasheva A.M., Fedorovich Y.A.

Thermal energy as a measure of chaotization of substance   61-67

  • Baeshov A.B., Bekenova G.S.

Electrochemical conduct of nickel waste in the presence of polarization by alternating current in the sulpheric acid solution   68-72

  • Shambilova G.K, Baymukasheva G., Amanov N.K,.Tursinaliyeva А.М, Kuspanova B.K, Nasirov R.

Results of determination of viscosity of oil on laboratory work "preparation for research of crude oil" of physical chemistry discipline in educational process   73-79

  • Khanseitova A.K., Mukushkina D.D., Abaildayev A.O., Talaeva Sh.Zh., Omarbayeva N.A., Balmukhanov T.S., Aitkhozhina N.A.

Foxp3 gene variability in female patients with breast cancer in Kazakhstan populations   80-85

  • Tarabayeva A., Bizhigitova B., Bitanova E., Shortanbayev A., Isayeva B., Abilbayeva A., Murtazaliyeva A.

Modern approaches in personalized medicine. New stage of development of immunogenetics   86-92

  • Rakhimov K., Burasheva G., Gulyaev A.

Study of the composition and biological activity of the "Alhidin" complex   93-100

  • Kenzhebayev D.A.

The role of the first president of the Republic of Kazakhstan - Nursultan Abishevich Nazarbayev, the leader of the nation, in formation of the Kazakhstan cosmonautics   101-104

  • Ambusaidi I., Bilyalov D., Burfoot-Rochford I.

Case study: role strain experience of international parent students   105-109

  • Ashirbekov A.K., Jumakulov Z.D.

Implementation of the Bologna process in the Republic of Kazakhstan   110-115

  • Dovgan A. V.

Language as a form and environment for meaning   116-128

  • Ayupova Z.K., Kussainov D.U.

To the question of the influence of world view on the forming and development of the spiritual culture   129-136

  • KokenovaA.T., IssabekovA.Z.

The role of the state in the implementation of innovative policies and mechanisms of formation of innovation policy   137-142

  • Shamuratova N.B., Tastanbekova K.N., Bermukhambetova B.B.

Kazakhstan economic growth through a prism of natural resource management   143-148

  • Sembieva L.M., Madiyarova D.M., Turabaev G.K.

Financial market of Kazakhstan in conditions of world economy instability   149-155

  • Kolbayev M.K.

Foreign experience of the state support for small innovative business   156-163

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