of National academy
of sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan

The National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan is the founder of “Reports. NAS RK ".

The journals of the NAS of the Republic of Kazakhstan publish scientific articles and notes, express reports on the results of research in various fields of natural-technical and social sciences.


Тлектес Исабаевич

Вице-президент НАН РК, председатель Отделения аграрных наук


Back in the sixties and seventies, journals were included in the international register of highly rated scientific journals and are still being delivered to large national libraries of 73 foreign countries - the USA, Great Britain, Germany, France, Japan, etc.


The authors of the journals are major scientists of Kazakhstan, the editorial boards of the journals include academics and corresponding members of not only the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also all CIS countries, as well as prominent foreign scientists.


The target audience of the journal: academics, corresponding members, faculty of educational institutions, doctors and candidates of science, doctors PhD, undergraduates, students, government employees; representatives of the legislature and many others

For authors

In the journal "Reports of the NAS of the Republic of Kazakhstan" articles are published in the state Kazakh, Russian or English language (at the request of the authors).

Articles will be published only after examination and editorial review collegium.

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