• Zhunisbek A.D., Kurmangaliyeva V.O., Takibayev N.Zh.

Сentral-Asian nuclear reaction database: structure, software tools and  educational c omponents        5-10

  • Shinibaev M.D., Bekov A.A., Gumabaev M.G., Ramazanova A.S., Niyazimbetov A.D., Kurmuch E., Rakhimzhanov B.N.

Parametric resonance in the orbital motion o f the satellite     11-15

  • Alipbeki O., Moldabekov M., Nurguzhin M.

Commercialization space technology Republic of Kazakhstan    16-23

  • Teltayev B.B.

Experimental investigation of temperature and moisture in the “Almaty-Bi shkek” highway     24-39

  • Teltayev B.B.

Self-organization laws of road asphalt pavement low temperature cracking     40-65

  • Mashekov S.A., Absadykov B.N., Sembayev N.S., Mashekova A.S., Alimbetov A.B.

Physical modeling    of hot rolling and cooling thin strips on the longitudinal wedge mill and collecting roller table of new construc tion     66-77

  • Malyshev V.P., Zubrina Yu.S., Kaikenov D.A., Makasheva A.M.

Analysis of convergence and limit of the amount of functional serie s for fractional compo sition o f materials in succ es sive de struction     78-84

  • Bekturganova N., Aidarova S., Sharipova A., Tleuova A., Amarhail Sh.Sh.

Determination of triclosan on model solutions of liquid soap     85-88

  • Amerkhanova Sh.K., Zhurinov М., Shlyapov R.M., Kappar М.К., Kurbanaliyev N.M.

The study of the sorption capacity and the activity of the mixture flotations reagents flotation with respect to pyrite copper-zinc ore         89-94

  • Nasirov R.

Comparison of p- and d-elements of group VII of the periodic system and using of their paramagnetic properties     95-100

  • Metaksa G.P., Buktukov N.S.

Reuse of go ld natural reactors   101-109

  • Arzykulov Zh.A, Toybayeva K.A., Seitova G.S.

New technologies, prospects of their use in medicine. problems of introduction in Kaz akh stan    110-115

  • Ilin A.I., Kerimzhanova B.F., Islamov R.A.

Anti-tuberculosis (TB) drugs and drug resistance (Review)     116-134

  • Rakhimov K.D.

Development of preclinical studies of glycyrrhetic acid derivatives and practical implementation of new techno logie s in pharmac o lo gy     135-140

  • Rakhimov K.D., Taukebayeva G.B., Taukebayev K.B., Amalbekova G.A.

Personalized medicine and pharmacogenetics     141-145

  • Utegenova G.A., Kushnarenko S. V.

Biological activity o f e ssential oil s and their c omponents     146-153

  • Tuleshov V.U., Nisanbayev A.N., Sydykov E.B.

 Principia of Kazakh philosophy and stages of development of Kazakh philo sophic al idea     154-163

  • Nysanbayev A.N., Sydykov E.B.

Sense and essence of Kazakh philosophy in the context of cultures of East and West    164-172

  • Sydykov E.B., Kurmanbayev Е.А.

To the question about genesis o f term «Mongol»   173-184

  • Kurmanbayeva Sh.A., Amrebayev A.M.

On interpretation of a division into periods of kazakh historiosophy    185-192

  • Bekturganov D.B.

Formation o f institute o f presidency: c omparative and legal aspect     193-197

  • Kabanbaeva G.B.

Analysis of the international legislative experience in the sphere of ecological safety of space activities      198-201

  • Talassov G.М., Abdrakhmanova G.T.

Innovation in pharmaceutical industry: the process of drugs research and development in the usa would be useful for Kazakhstan    202-208

  • Kartaeva T.E., Oralbai Y.

The cult of the sheep in the traditional worldview and beliefs of the kazakhs (materials of archeology and ethnography)     209-239

  • Kulkybayev G.A., Beisetayev R., Тyкеzhаnоvа G.М., Alshynbekova G.K., Jаkin A.D., Еselhаnоvа G.A.

Functions of soft palate at zvukoobrazovanii in norme: functional anatomy and normal physiology     240-248

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