• Davletov A.E., YerimbetovaL.T., Kisan A., Mukhametkarimov Ye.S.

Absorption cross sections of protons and electrons by a polarizable dust particle in a plasma    5-11

  • Chechin L.M., Ibraimova A.T.

Influence of oscillating dark matter on the dynamics of baryonic substrate    12-18

  • Seitov B.ZH., Beisembetov I.K., Nussupov K.KH., Beisenkhanov N.B., Kenzhaliev B.K, Bakranova D.I.

An influence of orientation of the silicon substrate on the formation of the si-c-bonds in ion-synthesized SiC0.12 layers    19-26

  • Ozhikenov K. A.1, Mikhailov P. G.2, Tuleshov E.A.1, Ismagulova R.S.1, Aitzhanova G.D.

Modeling dimensional chains pressure sensors     27-34

  • Teltayev B.B.

Regularities of increasing of temperature cracks number in asphalt pavement of highway    35-57

  • Mashekov S.A., Orlova E.P., Absadykov B.N., Issametova M.E., Mashekova A.S., Rakhmatulin M.L.

Study of the influence of rolling force on the formation of transverse profile  of strips rolled on the multifunction longitudinal wedge mill    58-64

  • Temirbekov Y.S.

Simulation of kinematic pairs in the calculation manipulators by finite element method    65-68

  • Temirbekov Y.S.

Justification calculating manipulators with arbitrary location kinematic pairs in the space by fem    69-72

  • Temirbekov Y.S.

Calculation mechanisms considering an arbitrary position in space of kinematic pairs finite element method    73-77

  • Khusanov A.E., Chumak O.P., Mel’nik A.P., Kaldybaeva B.M., Abilmagzhanov A.Z.

Discoloration of sunflower oil increased color    78-85

  • Kaldybaeva B.M., Khusanov A.E., Dmitriev E.A., Sabyrkhanov D.S., Korganbaev B.N.

Results of experimental researches the energy-saving technology of biogas purification for the purpose of obtaining highly concentrated methane    86-95

  • Bayeshov A.B., Kadirbayeva A.S., Bayeshova A.K.

Regularities of dissolution of copper electrode in two half-cycles of alternating current forming of copper oxide (i) in a solution of sodium chloride    96-100

  • Bayeshov A.B., Toktar G., Mirzabekov B.E.

Anodic oxidation of previously dissolved elemental sulfur in alkaline with formation of sulfate ions    101-105

  • Blieva R.K., Sadanov A.K., Shormanova M.M.

The leading role in macerating enzymes disposal of agricultural waste    106-113

  • Jobulayeva A.K., Kebekbayeva K.M., Alimbetova A. V., Molzhigitova A.E.

Lactic acid microorganisms having antagonistic activity towards pathogens mycosis and mold fungi    114-119

  • Neupokoyeva A.S., Mukushkina D.D., Abayldayev A.O., Miroshnik T.N., Khanseitova A.K., Balmukhanov T.S.,Aitkhozhina N.A.

. Variability of the TOX3 gene and hormone receptor status of breast cancer in Kazakhstan population    120-127

  • Nurzhanova А., Pidlisnyuk V., Sailaukhanyly Y., Kalugin S., Mursalieva V., Stefanovska T., Erickson L.

Miscanthusx giganteus - promising bioenergetic phytoremediant    128-138

  • Khodayeva A., Abaildayev A., Shertai M., Khanseitova A., Balmukhanov T., Aitkhozhina N.

Association of variability in ZNF365 gene with breast cancer in Kazakhstan populations   139-144

  • Kasabek A.K., Nisanbayev A.N., Nurmuratov S.E.

Theoretical and methodological basis of the study of the history of the Kazakh philosophy    145-155

  • Ayupova Z.K., Kussainov D.U.

The constitutional reform in the Republic of Kazakhstan as the basis of the development of the civil society   156-166

  • Ramazanov А., Azatbek T.

The market power of intellectual activity    167-174

  • Zhanabayev K., Akberdykizi U.

The idea of Parry-Lord in the kazakh study of epic poetry. The experience of constructive criticism   175-183

  • NassimovM.O.

Modern political advertising in the Republic of Kazakhstan: Inter-electoral period    184-189

  • Kolbayev M.K.

Methodological issues of analysis of small innovative entrepreneurship development in RK    190-194

  • Panzabekova A.Zh.

Organizational and economic mechanisms of stimulation of work in the real economy    195-199

  • Taspenova G.A., Tokareva Ye.G., Abdulina G.A.

Development of social audit in Kazakhstan    200-211

  • Turekulova D. M.

Development of innovative activity of Kazakhstan in modern conditions    212-216

  • Dosmambetova F.K., Syrlybaeva N.S.

Innovative development as a factor of growth of  competitiveness of the state economy   217-222

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