Сentral-Asian nuclear reaction database: structure, software tools and  educational c omponents        5-10

Parametric resonance in the orbital motion o f the satellite     11-15

Commercialization space technology Republic of Kazakhstan    16-23

Experimental investigation of temperature and moisture in the “Almaty-Bi shkek” highway     24-39

Self-organization laws of road asphalt pavement low temperature cracking     40-65

Physical modeling    of hot rolling and cooling thin strips on the longitudinal wedge mill and collecting roller table of new construc tion     66-77

Analysis of convergence and limit of the amount of functional serie s for fractional compo sition o f materials in succ es sive de struction     78-84

Determination of triclosan on model solutions of liquid soap     85-88

The study of the sorption capacity and the activity of the mixture flotations reagents flotation with respect to pyrite copper-zinc ore         89-94

Comparison of p- and d-elements of group VII of the periodic system and using of their paramagnetic properties     95-100

Reuse of go ld natural reactors   101-109

New technologies, prospects of their use in medicine. problems of introduction in Kaz akh stan    110-115

Anti-tuberculosis (TB) drugs and drug resistance (Review)     116-134

Development of preclinical studies of glycyrrhetic acid derivatives and practical implementation of new techno logie s in pharmac o lo gy     135-140

Personalized medicine and pharmacogenetics     141-145

Biological activity o f e ssential oil s and their c omponents     146-153

 Principia of Kazakh philosophy and stages of development of Kazakh philo sophic al idea     154-163

Sense and essence of Kazakh philosophy in the context of cultures of East and West    164-172

To the question about genesis o f term «Mongol»   173-184

On interpretation of a division into periods of kazakh historiosophy    185-192

Formation o f institute o f presidency: c omparative and legal aspect     193-197

Analysis of the international legislative experience in the sphere of ecological safety of space activities      198-201

Innovation in pharmaceutical industry: the process of drugs research and development in the usa would be useful for Kazakhstan    202-208

The cult of the sheep in the traditional worldview and beliefs of the kazakhs (materials of archeology and ethnography)     209-239

Functions of soft palate at zvukoobrazovanii in norme: functional anatomy and normal physiology     240-248